New Website!!

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To everything that still visits this blog, I have an official website now. Visit us here at or just click the link.

We are also available on IRC @


It’s about damn time!

Posted in Releases on January 31, 2009 by HazeySkies

Finally, Akatsuki is released. After a long time, which I can’t remember, it’s here!

Akatsuki 01 – Mediafire

Recruiting Translators!!!

If you can do some translations but need someone to edit, then look no further. Apply here now!!

Meister 07

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So another week, another day. How many people can say, woot? Time’s passing by really fast but who can stop it. Let us just enjoy it while we can.

Anyway, here’s an update on Asklepios. Many of you are probably wondering why I haven’t released 15 and 16. Simple, I don’t have any translators working with me! I’m grateful for the translators that provide their translations up for free so remember, always thank the translators. I will put out my version of 15 and 16 when translation is made available.

Meister 07 – Mediafire



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So hm… Here’s Until Death Do Us Part chapter 28 with help from ColdManga Scans. Awesome.

UDDUP 28 – Mediafire

On a sidenote, I’m looking for some Translators to assist me with some projects. It’s not a daily thing. It will depend on your schedule and interests. Drop me a message if your interested.

Another round!

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Another round of your daily helpings…

Since there wasn’t any release last week, this chapter should probably make up for it.
As for the series Until Death Do Us Part, I’m working with another group so expect it fast!

Meister 06 – Mediafire

New Series?

Posted in Releases on January 7, 2009 by HazeySkies

Woh I picked this one up as a request. Don’t know if i’ll continue it in the future but we’ll just wait and see. In the mean time, enjoy this one.

Until Death Do Us Part chapter 26 –   Mediafire

I must say, there are is a hot chick in this series and a cute girl. Don’t take my opinion on it, read the previous chapters too!

Oh, I’m looking for a Translator, Japanese to English or Korean to English to assist me in some projects. FIND ME IF YOUR INTERESTED.


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Damn sick and tired but yet, another chapter of Meister out. Cheers.

Meister 05 –